Video Patch – Cord

Video Patch - Cord

Switchcraft’s new broadcast series video patch cords are available in eight base ten colors. The unique low-loss 75 Ohm rated cable is ideal for patching in both SD or HD applications. The outer jacket is made very flexible which allows for a low retract memory.

Features and Benefits

Broadcast Series

Video Patchcords: Standard WECo and midsize

Video Patch - Cord


Color Code

Standard Foot Lengths

Black BK 2'
Red R 3'
Orange O 4'
Yellow Y 5'
Green GN 6'
Blue BL 7'
Purple P 8'
Gray GY 9'

Custom lengths are available by request.
1 meter is equal to 3.28 feet.

Plug Specifications:

Plug Barrel:


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