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Optoplast at AngaCom
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The AngaCom fair is one of the main European events dedicated to telecommunications and network technologies. Every year, thousands of industry professionals gather in Cologne, Germany to explore the latest trends and innovations in this field.

The event covers a range of industries including digital TV, broadband, cloud computing, mobile networks and security applications. Among the exhibitors are the major players in the sector, including telecommunications service providers, manufacturers of network devices and software developers.

One of the main attractions of the Angacom fair is the wide range of conferences and seminars that take place during the event. Speakers include industry experts, opinion leaders and representatives of government institutions. The topics of the talks cover a wide range of topics, including the IOT, network security and the evolution of network technology.

The Angacom fair is also an excellent opportunity to network and meet industry professionals from all over the world. There are numerous opportunities to meet colleagues and discuss the latest industry news and trends.

Optoplast, as one of the major players in the sector, is present at the fair, with its own stand. Come and visit us! (from the 23rd to 25th of May)



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