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SMPTE fiber optic cable
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Nel settore della produzione video professionale, la trasmissione di segnali video ad alta definizione richiede soluzioni sempre più avanzate. Un importante sviluppo tecnologico in questo ambito è rappresentato dall’utilizzo del cavo ibrido fibra ottica / rame con standard SMPTE 311.

The SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standards were primarily designed for the use of coaxial cables to transmit professional video signals.

However, with the advancement of technology, it has been possible to exploit the potential of optical fiber to further improve video transmission. The SMPTE 311 fiber optic cable is therefore an advanced version that combines the advantages of SMPTE technology with the superior performance offered by optical fiber.

SMPTE fiber cable: advantages

The use of SMPTE fiber optic cable offers many advantages over traditional solutions. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to carry high definition video signals over long distances without loss of quality. Optical fiber enables fast and reliable transmission of video signals, eliminating the problems of attenuation and interference that can occur with coaxial cables.

In addition, SMPTE fiber optic cable offers higher bandwidth, allowing for the simultaneous transmission of video, audio, data and camera control signals. This is particularly beneficial in complex production environments where large amounts of information need to be managed simultaneously.

Another important aspect of the SMPTE311 cable is the presence of copper power cables that complete the connection with power supply. Compared to traditional coaxial cables, which require other complementary cables (audio power etc), fiber/copper cable offers a flexible and practical design, making it easier to install and manage cables within production environments.

SMPTE 311 fiber optic cable is widely used in the film and television industries for the transmission of professional high-definition video signals. It is commonly used to connect cameras to recording or control units by connecting fiber and copper contacts simultaneously, allowing the transmission of video signals without compromising image quality. This is especially crucial in high-end productions, where visual quality is paramount.

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